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The Chronicle is reporting that the online innovator Pinterest is paying $89.5 million to break its lease and pulling back from a San Francisco expansion. The Business Times is calling this a “Wake Up Call” – a sign of trouble ahead as the COVID-19 damaged economy struggles to recover.

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For San Francisco to work for Everybody – Everybody should be able to find meaningful and well-compensated work. The loss of major employers and taxpayers means it will be even harder to recover from this crisis and fund the kind of improvements San Franciscans are demanding to improve homeless services, schools, create affordable housing and other priorities.

The project that Pinterest was going to anchor was going to provide funds for affordable housing, parks and other neighborhood-serving services and amenities.

We are organizing San Franciscans from every neighborhood to support policies that make San Francisco work better for everyone. That starts with policies that help San Franciscans find work. If you want to join us – please stand with thousands of your friends and neighbors here.


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