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San Francisco that
Works for Everyone

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San Francisco is a special place, but it needs to work for everyone.

We are a growing coalition of San Franciscans who believe in getting people back to work, improving healthcare, addressing homelessness, educating every child, and keeping our city safe for all.

We believe in caring for the homeless without turning our streets and parks over to homeless encampments.

We call for more transparent spending from City Hall. Tax increases may be necessary in the future, but not before we’ve taken a hard look at current spending, starting with the requirement that every city department be audited regularly. Banning political contributions from those who have city contracts will ensure politicians are not spending our money on groups they count on to get elected.

We support reforming our police and stopping the wave of crimes that degrade our quality of life. Public safety strategy must be more effective and equitable, and no longer tolerate professional drug dealing in neighborhoods like the Tenderloin.

We embrace proven solutions like requiring those who are a danger to themselves and others to get treatment instead of indulging in ill-conceived polices like providing free drugs and alcohol.

We want our government to stop distracting us, and themselves, with political battles like changing the name of a high school and painting murals, and target big issues with their time, resources and attention. Future pay increases of top bureaucrats making more than $200,000 per year should be tied to results, like reducing homelessness, lowering crime, cleaning the streets and improving transportation.

We demand better policies that make it easier and more affordable for a diverse array of people to live and work in San Francisco, an increasingly difficult place to live – particularly for seniors, and families with children.


Join Us

Building a San Francisco that Works for Everyone begins with us agreeing that:

WE CAN address homelessness compassionately and effectively

WE CAN reform our police and protect the most vulnerable among us

WE CAN make room for San Franciscans at all stages of their lives to live and work here

WE CAN demand accountability from our government and address wasteful and politically motivated spending

WE CAN improve access to housing by requiring competitive bidding on all housing projects and programs that receive tax subsidies

WE CAN make bigger gains on our most pressing social issues by requiring our massive network of government and non-profit contractors to demonstrate success

Our city does not belong to those with the loudest voices, nor to those with the largest bank accounts, nor to the most entrenched political networks. It belongs to all of us, and it’s time to make it work for everyone.

If we combine our longstanding history of compassion with common-sense policy, we can make San Francisco a place we are all proud to call home.

Together we can do this. 

Join us, make your voice heard. 

Join Us