Why I joined SF Works for Everyone, by Rev. Amos Brown

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By: Rev. Amos Brown

Justice means making our city work for everyone.

I’m Rev. Amos Brown. I have joined SF Works for Everyone – let me tell you why.

My entire adult life has been dedicated to fighting for justice – from working with Dr. Martin Luther King as a young man to working today as head of San Francisco’s NAACP. That’s why I am so committed to making San Francisco work for every single resident.

When our city fails – that failure is felt the most by those who have the least. That’s why we need to make this city work for EVERYONE, not just the powerful and connected. Not only the usual suspects.

All of us.

This new organization is going to fight to ensure our city is stepping up like never before to address homelessness, create middle-class jobs, find better ways to create affordable housing and do a much better job addressing other vital issues important to all of us.

Already nearly 4,000 people have joined our cause. If you would like to join me in supporting this movement, you can add your name here.

To help us keep growing – please spread the word to your friends and ask them to unite with us as we fight for the city we love.

If you use Facebook, you can join us here and please invite your friends to do likewise.

Or you can just spread the word however you can.

There is so much division in our city right now and too much despair. This is our time to unite. Our time to say we can save the city we love when we come together to make it work for everyone.

Thank you for helping us grow this movement.


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