Solutions Delayed

SB1045 conservatorship san francisco mental health sf works for everyone

We do have a proven tool to care for the homeless – requiring treatment for those who are a danger to themselves and others. The tool is available, but we are not using it. One of the foundational reasons we are organizing SF Works for Everyone is making sure we are using every proven tool […]

We All Need to Be Counted

California census ca census 2020 census san francisco census how to take the census take the census my2020census

One of the very best ways to improve San Francisco just takes ten minutes, and you can do it from home! Taking the US Census means more funds for health, housing, transit and other vital services. This is how we keep our powerful voice in Sacramento and Washington, DC and how we bring home more […]

Yes, Again. Here’s How to Help Fire Victims and Fire Fighters

ways to help fire victims northern california fires update fire victims fund sf works for everyone the mercury news

This week the stench of fire smoke brings home the threat of fire to our tinder-dry state. If you want to help our friends and neighbors around the Bay Area, and the firefighters working to protect all of us, here is a good run down of ways to contribute, from The Mercury News:    Wildfire […]